10 ways to SLAY just like Beyoncé 

10 ways to SLAY just like Beyoncé 

Summer 2016 is all about the slayage! Beyonce called for us to get in formation and women around the world have been trying to get it together. It’s important to note that the slay is not just about looking great. The slay is about feeling great, being great, and sharing that greatness with your fellow sisters. Here are a few tricks to slaying all #Summer16 

1) Be Resilient 

No matter what happens this year know that it was meant for your good. Life is meant to build us and make us stronger. That’s what fuels or destiny. That’s what gives us purpose. 

2) Laugh A LOT

Laugh a lot at yourself. I’m learning not to take life so serious and not to take myself so serious. Sometimes you’ve just got to be your own punchline.

3) Keep It Simple… And Epic

One thing I love about Bey’s style is the fact that it’s always so simple and then boom – you need everything she’s wearing. Stop whining about your clothes and just buy more accessories! Bey has mastered the art of overaccessorizing.

4) Be Inspiring

Someone is behind you. Someone is watching you. Make it worth their time to study you. When you focus on your own excellence it becomes someone else’s light.

5) Get in Line

If you learn nothing else, learn to apply some eyeliner. It goes a long way.

6) Value the Company of someone else

People aren’t with us forever. It’s important to use the time we have to appreciate the people we hold dear and make lots of memories. Traveling with loved ones is like pizza– good every time no matter where it is. 

7) Reflect

Bey is able to provide us with such amazing work because she takes a lot of time to just be. Reflecting and meditating on who you’re becoming is major part of connecting with your higher self. Take some time out to grow, recognize that growth, and share it with someone’s else. 

8) Choose You First

At the end of the day if there’s one person you can depend on its YOU. Not corporate America, not your besties, not your boo. First and foremost, the woman you see in the mirror needs you to show up and be accountable for YOU. Once you learn to be accountable to yourself you’ll actually be a great help to the word around you.

9) Try New Things

Living isn’t living if you’re not scaring yourself every once in awhile.

10) Grind for the Dream

There’s plenty of dreamers but not enough people want to work for it! Honey grinding pays off in a major way. If you want it and you work it– it will happen.

How do you plan to SLAY this summer? Leave me a comment below and let’s continue this dialogue. 

With Love & Style,


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