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 Corporate S T Y L E

The way that members of your organization are perceived professionally to your customers, investors, and future business entities has a lot to do with their personal image. S T Y L E is not just about fashion, but about making sure those you employ represent you positively, appropriately, and in line with your brand. Taking the time to engage them so that they are informed, inspired, and motivated is the best way to ensure morale remains high and that your employees feel confident with investing their experience and expertise in your company.

With 10+ years in the fashion industry and experience working in corporate America, Shayla brings a unique perspective to the corporate world. She understands the importance of image as it relates to success and has created a service that focuses on empowering the success of others by insuring their image appropriately represents them both personally and professionally.

Corporate S T Y L E Sessions

Lunch & Learn STYLE

This is an hour filled with information to focus and empower the individual. It’s all about creating an image that will inspire their dreams of success within your company. Lunch and Learn is an hour of jam packed motivation, STYLE guidance, and plenty of wisdom to take home for later.

STYLED for Success

This session is all about building rapport within your organization and making professional dress fun. Shayla will spend time with employees reviewing your company dress code, making sure compliance is supported while offering wardrobe solutions in a 2 hour session. The STYLE solutions will inspire them to see professional dress from a more creative perspective while making sure your company guidelines are met. Shayla will provide guidance and motivation that focuses on professional image and how it affects Success both in and out of the workplace.

Keynote Speaker

Shayla Courtney began modeling at the age of 16 and coaching other girls through the modeling process by 18 years of age. With dreams of being knee-deep in every area of the fashion industry she graduated from Old Dominion University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. Shayla had many goals of her own to accomplish upon matriculating but took a quick stop in Corporate America to build on her business experience. After 5 years of Corporate America, Shayla decided it was time for a leap of faith and quit her job to run her business (Prim Heiress Styling) full time. The road was not easy but Shayla was a quick learner on her entrepreneurial journey and began building an empire on the one thing she loves most– STYLE.

A few topics that may fit for your audience:

Dressing for Success

Modest Glam

From Corporate to Me: Empowerment for the Entrepreneur Journey

Inspiration from a STYLE Expert


***If there is a topic you do not see but think Shayla would be perfect for your audience don’t hesitate to contact her:

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