Curvy Girl Life Hack: How to wear almost anything!

Curvy Girl Life Hack: How to wear almost anything!

Curvy Girls it is time for me to be completely honest — no you can’t wear everything. There I said it. Some things just are NOT made for OUR bodies. However there are things that were designed for every dip and pop you’ve got! Here are some ladies that are getting it so right and some cues you can take from them on how to wear just about anything! 

Long Jackets For the WIN

This printed floral jacket is busy and perfect for this easy everyday style look. Though the print is bold she paired it perfectly with her denim and white. Always follow the mixed print rules or let your prints stand alone. 

Stripes Work Too! 

Yes Curvy Girls we can wear stripes too! Don’t be afraid to put bold stripes on those curves and show off what you got.  This gorgeous babe pairs a cropped denim jacket with her dress to accentuate her waist. This is important any time you’re wearing horizontal stripes so that your curves don’t get lost in the width of the print (you don’t want to look wider).

Accessorize for length

Long necklaces help to elongate the body which will make you look taller, leaner, and even more chic. Who wouldn’t want any of that??

Go overboard with oversize 

Oversize bags adjacent to your waistline naturally make your waist look smaller and your curves curvier. This is good news because coke bottle shapes have never gone out of style! Ow ow! 

Be a Tulle! 

Tulle has been in for quite some time and I love to see the curvy girls rocking it out! It’s important to pair your tulle with a simple top and banging accessories. You want this style to appear effortlessly feminine. 

Cut the denim UP!

Recently I had a client tell me she was too curvy for distressed denim– maam not even! You can rock distressed denim no matter what your size. The placement of the distressed area is what you have to be most careful about. Thick thighs often mean slits that will rip (trust me I’ve ruined a pair or two haha).

Hopefully these life hacks are just enough to get you going. Women have too many myths about what they can and can’t wear and I’m here to break them all! 

Need help with another topic you want me to cover? Let me know in the comments! 

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