Style Hack: The not so Vogue sweater shopping guide 

Style Hack: The not so Vogue sweater shopping guide 

I was scrolling down my timeline the other day and noticed Vogue had put together a list of the must have sweaters for this season. Imagine my disappointment when this list consisted of what I would call barnhouse style sweaters, all from one location, and completely overpriced. Maybe it was paid content? Whatever the excuse I’m deeming it unacceptable. Those hideous sweaters were statement making for all the wrong reasons so I took it upon myself to provide you with a real list worth checking out.

The Sexy Sweater

Fashion Nova has a lot of options for sweater styles and 99% of them are #shaylaapproved. From date night to girls night they have a sweater for every occasion. 

The Work Sweater

The Chic Find has a few office appropriate sweaters for a steal! Check them out to step up your sweater game at work. For another chic offic sweater check out this LookLoveLust here.

The Weekend Sweater 

From Saturday Happy Hour to Sunday service this chic weekender is perfect to throw on over jeans or a pencil skirt. This sweater is from Lucky Duck and is a good everyday piece to include with your wardrobe staples.

The Oversized Beauty

Oversized sweaters are definitely a MUST this season but the trick to wearing them is: choosing a good color, a good fit, and having a little detail. Maroon/Burgundy/Deep Red shades are all the rage this season and this ribbed Crystalline sweater has everything you need to be super comfy and cute this winter.

Winter can be just as chic of an experience as fall. It’s all about choosing the right pieces for your body that make a statement in your wardrobe. Talk to me in the comments, where have you bought your chic sweaters this season? Was this guide helpful? 

Remember if you need a little one on one shopping time shoot me an email for holiday style specials. Talk soon!

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