Style Hacks: How to Mix Prints Like A Pro

Style Hacks: How to Mix Prints Like A Pro

Mixing prints is one of those fashion things that when done well everyone envies but when done wrong EVERYONE stares. It’s important to know the rules for mixing prints so you don’t end up looking like a crazy circus reject. 

Pinterest had the perfect infographic to help us discuss the topic:

Now in case you’re not quite the visual learner and need the hard and fast rules of print mixing here they are. Straight from the Stylist mouth… Here are MY rules for how to mix it up! 

1) Choose prints with similar base colors (2 patterns set on black or set white)

2) Never put more than two busy patterns together 

3) Try not to put two busy patterns right next to each other (unless you’re already a pro)

4) Brights and darks DO go together 

5) Similar prints DON’T look interesting (they look redundant)

6) Stripes go with everything 

7) So does leopard

8) Gingham is difficult to mix so be careful doing so without an expert around

9) Mixed prints can be formal

10) Solids are best for breaking up prints (Not print on print on print) 

These rules are not etched stone but should serve as a guide to help you get started with mixing up the old wardrobe and to try new things. Need help mixing? Leave a note in the comments or tweet me about your dilemma (@talkstyleshayla).

Let me know how else I can help! 

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