Style Hacks: What your daily wardrobe is really saying about YOU

Style Hacks: What your daily wardrobe is really saying about YOU

Most of my day to day is spent curating wardrobes and searching the webs of the world for looks that empower and inspire my clients to fulfill their God given purpose. The women I work with are not ladies who take their purpose, their message, or their wardrobes lightly. My clients are amazing purpose driven women that I have the privilege of not just styling but helping them reflect who they are and how they send their power into the world 

Are you wondering if your style is sending the message you want to put out into the world? How is your success tied to your style? Here are three ways to determine if you’re mastering your message. 

People NOTICE you

Style isn’t about just being seen, it’s about being heard. People who take care of their appearance and have a sense of pride when they enter a room never have to ask for the floor. They own it without ever having to open their mouths. 

Getting dressed is easy

There are a lot factors that go into mastering your daily look but the most important thing is making sure your closet reflects who you are now. If your closet has not matured and blossomed like you have then you’ll always feel behind in style and getting dressed will be difficult.

You’re oozing with confidence 

Women who have mastered their message have these three things in common:

  • She has a strong sense of purpose 
  • She knows who her audience is
  • She’s a risk taker

With these three qualities any woman oozes with confidence and attracts success like bees to honey. These qualities also allow her to better know who she is, where she’s going and what she’s want to wear.

Are you dressed like you’re ready for that big promotion or to land that big client meeting you have coming up? Or do you look like you rolled over and put on what you could find? 

Whichever woman you are leave me a note in the comments because I want to hear from you while I sit poolside in Vegas! What message are you sending with your style (or lack there of)? Have a super stylish week! 

With Love & Style,


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