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It’s time to elevate your personal Style & get hooked on a confidence booster so good you won’t feel ashamed for being addicted…

Just call me your Style Dealer.


Are you ready to bounce back from baby, take on a new career, or break out of your yoga pants funk? Are you currently working with only 20% of your closet and ready to get more value out of your wardrobe?

If you answered yes to any of those you are in the right place. And if you answered no to any of the above questions, I guarantee this is still right where you need to be.

Style is not something that comes natural to every woman.

It takes a special eye to know when your clothes have the right fit, look, and speak to who you really are underneath it all. 

After years of helping women bounce back from rock bottom, take on new seasons in life, or saving them from granny style– I’ve become an expert at helping women feel beautiful again and find that CONFIDENCE they seem to have lost along the way.

{ Virtual Styling Services }


From anywhere in the world I can help find you the perfect look for any occasion. Whether we shop your closet or I curate a shoppable lookbook of styles just for you, this service is all about giving you the makeover you need from the comfort of your own home.

Service time: 2 hour minimum

Price: $97.00 per hour

{ In Personal Styling Services }


Studies have shown that women in America are only wearing 15% of the clothes in their closets. That means that the other 85% hanging there is either too small, 5 years old, or you’re in a rut and just don’t know how to work with what you have.

Let me show you how to work with the wardrobe you already have. This service may be provided in one visit as a consultation or a series of visits to clean out your closet and create 30 days worth of looks out of what you already own.

Service Time: 1 hour minimum

Price: $147.00 per hour

{ Shopping with Shayla }


Some women don’t have time and some women just absolutely hate it. No matter  what your dilemma — shopping just got a whole new makeover.

When I shop for my clients I don’t just dress them impeccably I make the process effortless.

Whether we’re shopping online because you’re on the other side of the world or shopping in person to get you the perfect fit, this is all about having the real work done for you– and that’s finding your look.

Service Time: 2-4 hours

Price: $147.00 per hour

Are you ready to get your fix?

Book me on StyleSeat for an effortless checkout.

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***NOTE: Styling Services that require travel outside of Greater Richmond Area will be subject to travel fees and must contact Shayla directly to book services:

Email : talk style@shaylacourtney.com


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