Wedding Style Hack: How to find your perfect dress

Wedding Style Hack: How to find your perfect dress

Some girls wait their whole life for this big day and plan for it like it’s the second coming of Jesus himself. Others dread the planning, the headache, and how to look their absolute best without spending thousands of dollars. With my wedding around the corner and my dress finalized I’m ready to share some tips with you on how to find the perfect dress and a little behind the scenes of my experience.

1) Try on what you dreamed about

There’s always that one dress you’ve had your eye on. You’ve got screenshots, a Pinterest board, and direct Google links for the location to buy. But then you get it on and it’s either a HUGE success or a total FLOP. Either way, let no one talk you out of this dress. Try it on for yourself, I promise you’ll be surprised.

I thought I wanted sheer, sleeves, sparkle, and lace… It was the first thing I tried on but did not make the cut!


There are dresses that you will make you sad, irritate you because there’s just too much dang tulle, and make you laugh out loud– try it all. Trying on everything helps you make the most informed decision and will help you get closer to finding something simply amazing!

3) Take only the stylish few

You may have some super dedicated girlfriends but if they have never styled a bride or can’t be completely objective with their opinions LEAVE THEM AT HOME. The last thing you want is to take girlfriends who are jealous, distracted, or clueless. 

You know I took my best girl! (Hey mommy!)

4) Allow for a little room in the budget

If you’ve never gone dress shopping with any of your best girls you probably have no clue what a wedding dress cost. If you have you may think “I won’t need to spend THAT much”. Give yourself some grace on the dress budget. Have a maximum but don’t set a hard line without first doing some research or looking around. There’s a lot of sites out there that offer couture on a budget but it can be work to find the perfect dress at the perfect price! Hire A Professional or give yourself some grace. 

There’s so much more I could share with you but I’ll save it for the gown reveal post you’ll see in a few weeks after my big day! Do you have questions or need some insight? Comment below with all your questions.

Happy Dress Shopping to all the brides!

Stylishly Yours,


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