Wedding Style: How to be the best dressed guest at your next wedding

Wedding Style: How to be the best dressed guest at your next wedding

Wedding season has hit hard this year and since being consumed with planning my own wedding I almost forgot about the other nuptials to celebrate this season! Being a wedding a guest is a lot of responsibility and the bride expects you to honor her big day by looking your absolute best. Here are my quick wedding tips for your upcoming wedding look! 

1) Choose a color that radiates on you

Choosing a color that looks great on your skin makes for the perfect wedding look! As long as that color isn’t white you’ll look good and not steal the brides shine.

 (Michele Howard is pictured above as a wedding guest)
2) Choose a flawless finish

Wedding makeup should never be over done. Accent your look with tones that glow on your skin and if you’re not sure what they are get your makeup done! 

3) Don’t be afraid to go dark

My wedding last weekend was an afternoon to evening wedding. Cocktail hour weddings are the perfect opportunity for a dress dark in color! One of my favorites is navy blue. It’s a rich color that gives a classic finish.

4) Pick a comfy shoe

Weddings require lots of walking and lots of dancing! Make sure you’re ready for the festivities by choosing a shoe that looks good but is going to be super comfy.

  (Above photo belongs to Vision of Rose Photography)
5) Keep your accessories simple

Weddings are not the time to over accessorize. Choose pieces that are statement making but simple in design.

What are you wearing to your next wedding? Tag me to be our next feature! Happy Wedding Season!

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