Why trying something NEW never gets old

It’s the first blog post of 2017 and girl do I have tons to say. But first– WELCOME to my next decade! Thirty is promising to be everything I knew it would be. I’m embracing it for all the new experiences and maturing it will bring. I’m choosing to LIVE this decade, not let anything hold me back, and get all that life has to give me as it comes! 

Why have I decided to try something NEW? 

1) Because it’s a whole new decade why not?

2) Because I’m tired of doing anything that isn’t in line with my most authentic self.

3) Because trying something new always aids in discovering parts of you that need revealing

4) Because who wants to die and not be able to say they have discovered and found themselves completely?

5) Because I want to live the most fabulous, fulfilling, and stylish life there is.

Here’s to a new journey! *cheers*

So far this decade I’ve had a launch Wine Tasting for my business baby Black Girls Wine. It was everything I hoped it would be and more! 

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I also launched a podcast to go with the new direction that I’m taking the Blog! We’re going lifestyle baby! There are so many ways to style your life and I’m going to teach you how! Click the image (or here) to subscribe and take a listen on iTunes to the latest episodes of The Stylish Life podcast! 

Then I decided to let go of my control freak nature and let my husband plan our anniversary weekend — I had a blast! He did a phenomenal job. We did some painting and some gaming! Thank you baby! 

I’ve had a few impromptu girls night that were very rewarding. I’ve made new friends post 30 and I’m loving it.

If you hadn’t noticed I got a septum clip and added it to my collection and I looooovvveee it– so that’s all that matters! 

Oh and I went to a #SilentHeadPhoneParty in my city #RVA and it was so much fun! My advice? Take a REAL friend who knows how to have a good time because it’s different. If you let loose you’ll have a blast. Our party had two DJs & two stations– Options, hello! 

All in all, 30 has been amazing so far. I can’t wait to see what else 2017 brings. I’m working on some amazing things that I can’t wait to share with you. Be back in your inbox next week ladies! Until then– Live the life you dream of NOW! Because trying something NEW never gets old– only you do! Haha!

Stylishly Yours,

Shayla V. 

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